Customer focus constitutes the foundation of Borusan Lojistik’s mission, values and policies, and is reflected in the way we do business as a culture. The most important factor that makes the customer-focused approach a company culture is the constantly developed practices that are aimed at customer.

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Representing the international human resources standards that contribute to the improvement of company performance through employees, IIP aims to increase the efficiency of investments in employees and to align them with company needs. IIP, which was launched in the UK in 1991 and became an international standard in 1998, makes evaluations on the basis of 10 main indicators and 39 sub criteria.

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In line with our policy, values and the corporate culture of Borusan Group, we focus on children as our top priority, along with topics such as education, health, the disabled, protection of the environment, consumption of natural resources, animal rights, and the promotion of culture and the arts.

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Lean 6 Sigma

6 Sigma in the Borusan Group. As of 2016, 2,726 projects in which a total of 2,900 Borusan staff have participated have been completed and these projects have provided Borusan with a value of USD 151 million.

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