For sellers who want to get FBA service through Germany and England warehouses and ask how to deliver these products to the warehouse there, B-Yol receives the products directly and delivers them to Germany and England warehouses quickly with the assurance of Borusan Lojistik. While the delivery appointment organization can be planned for future appointments, reliable solutions are also offered for overseas storage, palletizing and pallet labeling processes. Customers can electronically handle reservations, pricing and status tracking through a web-based portal.

Borusan Port

As a significant customs gate for export and import operations conducted from Southern Marmara, the Aegean and Central Anatolia, from its strategic location at Gemsaz in the town of Gemlik, Bursa, Borusan Port provides 24/7 container, general cargo, RO-RO and project load, port and terminal services with its specialized personnel working to high OHS standards.

What is Bukoli?

It is a technological and reliable business model provider that produces alternative delivery models in line with the increasing e-commerce volume.​​

How Does Bukoli Work?
  • Customers who order from online shopping sites choose our tradesmen points to receive their orders.​
  • Prepared packages are brought to the tradesman point by the distributor company. ​ ​
  • Packages brought to the tradesmen's point are approved and received by the Bukoli Mobile Application.​
  • With the approval, a one-time password created specifically for him is sent to the customer.
  • When the customer comes to take his order, he tells his one-time password.
  • The password is entered in the Bukoli Mobile Application and the packages are delivered to the customer.

We are taking remarkable steps towards the future of logistics by integrating successful non-bonded warehouse management practices with current technological systems. We offer value-added services with continuous productivity and improvement goals by adopting the Lean 6 Sigma methodology as a principle.



Borusan Lojistik platform eTA will find the best vehicle available for your transportation needs in 45 minutes within the country!
Trailer and truck owners can instantly view all available transportation jobs suitable for their vehicle on eTA Mobile application without going back to terminals. The optimum transportation options are available on the platform with more than 100.000 certified truck and trailer drivers.

Customs Clearance

Bor Gümrük – our business partner who has been adding strategic value to the supply chain by providing customs clearance solutions since 1984 – ensures full and complete handling of the legal liabilities of its customers on their behalf and finalizes import and export procedures in a fast manner through standardized processes and specialized consultants.

Land Transportation

We offer all transportation models according to the needs of our customers in our domestic transportation and distribution services with our contracted supplier infrastructure as well as our vehicles, and produce efficient solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.

Automotive Logistics

One of every two vehicles sold in Turkey today is handled by us. With our 13 years of experience in vehicle logistics, we deliver new vehicles to dealers ready for use by the end user, and are proud to be Turkey’s one and only multi-brand vehicle logistics center.

Project Logistics

Each year we handle about 40,000 tons of products with project cargo status, and various dimensions and tonnages, including the largest scaled project loads of Turkey, at Borusan Port. Our team is specialized in its field, and our special equipment and location advantage are only a few of the reasons for us to be the first choice in project cargo...

Supplier Chain Solution Development

Borusan Lojistik has taken into account all of its customers’ supply chain requirements to establish its Supply Chain Solution Development Unit with a view to creating more value for customers and developing both engineering-specific and sector-specific solutions. In order to do this we provide 3 dimensional support.

International Transportation Services

We provide international transportation services through our own agencies in the Middle East and Central Asia and with our wide network of agents and partners in continental Europe, Iraq, Scandinavia and overseas countries as a reliable solution partner with our customer focused approach, fast service and tracking systems in international transportation.