Female Forklift License

As Borusan Equal Platform, we aim to build a happy and successful future where social roles and perceptions will not interfere with equality and diversity.

Innocent, well-intentioned, conscious, unconscious, intentional, unintentional, goal-seeking or not...

We think that the first step to establish a corporate culture that is free from discriminatory language and prejudices and is powered by love and respect is to change the mindset. If the mentality changes, the language also changes; If the language changes, our working environments will turn into places full of love and respect, where everyone can feel equal and free and happy to be a part of it. In this direction, as BL, we support our female employees who are devoted to the profession of construction equipment operators, and undertake all their training expenses.

We help our female warehouse employees to obtain a forklift license so that they can deepen their business skills, develop professionally and specialize. We enable our warehouse employees to take the courses free of charge and help them to take the exams.


Borusan Equal Platform


With the belief that social gender equality should be embraced at both corporate and individual level at Borusan, the “Borusan Equals - Social Equality Platform” was established in 2015.

In order to provide better working conditions for all employees, it is aimed to continue the development by highlighting practices that respect gender equality and inclusive solutions that make working life easier.